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Alpaca Roving

Image of Alpaca Roving


Our roving has been prepared by private mills to our custom order. We have both solid colors and multi-colored rovings. Roving is sold by the ounce.

If you’ve never spun alpaca from roving, you’re in for a treat! Unlike commercially prepared combed top, which is dense and slippery, alpaca roving is light, airy, and drafts effortlessly! You can spin it with a short draw for a smooth, semi-worsted yarn, or try a long draw for a soft, fluffy, extra-warm yarn!

We use the prime blanket in our soft, fine rovings, which are sought by spinners all over the country.

Your yardage will depend on your spinning, but in general, we recommend at least 2 ounces for a small project spun very fine (e.g., laceweight scarf), about 4 ounces for a dk to light worsted project like a hat or mittens, 8 ounces for a sportweight project like a light shawl or small vest, or a pound for a bigger project like a worsted weight shawl or light worsted cardigan (women’s medium).