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Prime Alpaca Fiber by the ounce


Our prime alpaca fiber is the most lustrous, fine, crimpy fiber you will find! This is the prime blanket fiber. It has been skirted but not washed. Unlike raw wool, alpaca fleece does not contain lanolin, which means it is not sticky or greasy, so it doesn’t retain dirt. This means that you lose very little weight in the wash (versus raw wool, which can weight up to 50% when washed!). It also does not require hot water and harsh detergents to wash. So many people like spin the fiber just as it is, preferring to wash it as yarn.

It spins readily right from the lock, or you can wash and card it if you prefer.

You are welcome to pre-order the entire blanket of your favorite animal at a discount before shearing. Several of our blankets are reserved by spinners every year. We would be happy to send you the picture of the alpaca whose fiber you have chosen!

Raw fiber, straight off the animal, is $3/oz.

Your yardage will depend on your spinning, but in general, we recommend at least 2 ounces for a small project spun very fine (e.g., laceweight scarf), about 4 ounces for a dk to light worsted project like a hat or mittens, 8 ounces for a sportweight project like a light shawl or small vest, or a pound for a bigger project like a worsted weight shawl or light worsted cardigan (women’s medium). For larger projects, you might want to add an extra ounce or two to be on the safe side.

Sold by the ounce.