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Stadium Seats & Rugs


Stadium Seats $20 each or $38/pair These hand woven with our own alpaca fiber Alpaca Rugs vary in price and size. Approximately $20/sq ft. We have some 3' by 5'. Beautiful, unique and luxurious alpaca rugs!

Stadium seats are 17×12 and make excellent table mats and centerpieces. Stadium seats have finished edges, while rugs have fringed ends.

Treat yourself to warm toes when you step out of bed in the morning or a warm behind during the big game!

We send the coarser, sturdy fiber from alpaca legs and bellies to a custom loom in Texas that hand weaves it into rugs and stadium seats. Handwoven with the fiber from our own animals, these beautiful pieces represent the whole herd: whites, fawns, browns and blacks!

Rugs: Call for instock size & pricing or design your own rug
785 449 2206